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Radboud Academic Diagnostic Assessment (RADAr)

The RADAr, short of Radboud Academic Diagnostic Assessment is a diagnostic assessment for academic language aptitude. The RADAr has a Dutch version (RADAr-NED) and an English one (RADAr-ENG). All first-year students at Radboud University will complete the RADAr in the language of their bachelor’s programme. The assessment gives students insight into their academic language aptitude and makes students aware of the importance of language skills for the successful completion of a university curriculum.

RADAr-English and RADAr-Dutch

The diagnostic assessments are taken digitally. This means that the tests can be taken in great numbers at the same time. The answers are graded automatically, which means that results can be published quickly.

What are the features of the RADAr’s content?


  1. Writing skills: Grammar, Spelling
  2. Listening skills: Listening comprehension
  3. Reading skills: Vocabulary, Logic, Argumentation, Logical fallacies.


  1. Writing aptitude: Grammar, Vocabulary, Spelling
  2. Listening aptitude: Intelligibility and Listening comprehension
  3. Reading aptitude: Vocabulary, Logic, Argumentation, Logical fallacies

Generic versus programme-specific

The tests consist of a generic portion (roughly 60%) and a custom-made portion for the individual faculties. We intend to ensure that language skills match the study programmes by linking the context of the assessments to the content of the study programmes. This will let students experience ‘language’ as a natural component of their programme, rather than repeating their secondary school Dutch or English courses.

Why the RADAr?

Radboud University feels that helping students attain academic language competencies is its duty. The Radboud International 2025 Language Policy dictates that all first-year will complete a RADAr assessment. Students who get a low score on the assessment will be offered a remedial programme to improve their academic language skills at the beginning of their studies. Students are also given access to an online toolbox, which allows them to work on their individual language skills by revising theory and doing exercises.

  • The RADAr is able to determine whether a student will need to work on certain aspects of the Dutch or English language at the beginning of their studies.
  • The components of the RADAr are pretested extensively and give reliable results.
  • The RADAr is developed by Radboud in’to Languages and focuses on academic language use and the academic setting.

The RADAr and the accompanying remedial programme are ready to be deployed in Radboud University curricula starting from the academic year 2019-2020. The Executive Board has allocated finances for this purpose.

Would you like to know more about the RADAr, or would you like to deploy the tests in your own curriculum? Please contact our Assessment Programme Manager Franke Teunisse at f.teunisse@let.ru.nl