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Take advantage of our range of services: you can have us check over text you’ve written or translated yourself; get help during the writing process from one of our text coaches; or take a workshop to significantly improve your writing skills.

Experts in written communication, experts in your field

With our editing services, you are assured the commitment and expertise of specialised editors and writing coaches. For example, our team contains highly-experienced specialists in the fields of health, medical technology, life sciences and food. Within this group, some editors are specialised in editing academic articles for reputable journals. We are also skilled at handling texts of a legal nature, as well as those focused on education and HR.

Our services at a glance:

  • Text editing

Have you translated a text yourself that you’d like to have checked over by a professional editor? Or have you written a text in another language that you would like a native speaker to proofread? Regardless of what language your text is in, our experienced editors will provide you with a revised version that is clear and effective. This ranges from checking for correct language use, to a rigorous academic final edit, to copy editing by a native speaker.

If you wish to further refine your writing skills so that your academic writing is not only strong in content, but also highly persuasive, you may want to consider signing up for the “Get Published” module that is offered by our Academic Communication Department.

  • Text screening

You’ve worked hard on a document, but are you certain you’ve achieved your objective? We are happy to review it for effectiveness. Together, we will make sure that your text is as compelling and informative as you intend.

  • Text coaching

Text coaching gives you the chance to work on a piece of text in collaboration with one of our editors. This is a customised service, meaning that not only can you receive support from a text coach while writing a particular text, but you can also, for instance, opt to receive coaching for a full year or even for an undetermined length of time.

  • Writing and editing workshop

Do you want to learn how to write or edit your own work? Then our writing and editing workshop may be just the thing for you. Our experienced editors will teach you about things like structuring writing, style, register, grammar, and punctuation. Not only will you learn how to critically analyse and improve your own writing, but you will also be able to apply these new skills in assessing your colleagues’ texts, and edit them when necessary.

  • Other services

Do you have a project that could use an editorial eye, but aren’t sure how to proceed? Or do you or your department require customised support or have a project for which you need our help? We would be happy to dicuss this with you. Please contact us at:

Phone: +31 6 27821849
E-mail: vertaalservice@into.ru.nl

Meer information and requests
If you would like more information or if you have a job for us, please contact us:

T: +31 6 27 82 18 49
E: vertaalservice@into.ru.nl