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Rates, delivery times and general terms and conditions


In determining the rate and delivery time for a translation, we consider a number of factors:

  • The language combination(s)
  • The size of the text(s)
  • Your desired delivery time

For a price quote, we first request that you send the text you wish to have translated, so we can determine whether it contains commonly-occurring passages or passages we have translated for you at an earlier date. If so, you are eligible for a discount and this will reduce the delivery time. We can also discuss custom rates if you have a lot to be translated or if you are one of our regular translation clients.

Employees of Radboud University Nijmegen and Radboud university medical center do not pay VAT (21%), providing their employer foots the bill.

Rates interpretation services, editing and subtitling

Interpretation services and editing

Interpretation, editing, and related services are all tailored in consultation with the client, so you will receive a custom offer. Please contact us at:

Phone: +31 6 27821849
E-mail: vertaalservice@into.ru.nl

General terms and conditions

Unless otherwise agreed in writing beforehand, the attached general terms and conditions (pdf, 196 kB) apply to all of our services and the provision thereof.​

Long term collaboration

If you’re looking for a fixed translation partner or you require on-going writing assistance, we would be happy to discuss long-term arrangements at a favourable price or with an attractive bulk-order discount.