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Areas of expertise


With our extensive expertise in the medical, biomedical, medical-technical and pharmaceutical sectors, we deliver top-quality translations of all your documents. Whether this means a research protocol, a press release about innovative medical equipment, or an instructional leaflet or brochure for patients, you are guaranteed an excellent translation that uses the appropriate jargon to connect to your target audience.

Life Sciences & Food

Many research institutes and businesses in the Life Sciences and Food sectors have found their way to the Radboud in’to Language Translation Department. With our extensive translation experience and comprehensive understanding of these specific fields, we ensure high-quality translations of texts related to sustainable technology, health and welfare of humans and animals, and food and the food processing industry.


Your research will only receive the attention it deserves if you can express yourself effectively. Our language specialists are here to help you find the right words to convince your readers. Our team is made up of specialist translators, editors and text coaches for every discipline. They can make all the difference between a rejection and a career-defining publication. You can also turn to us for the translation of presentations and posters for an international conference, among other things.

Another option is to have your English text proofread by one of our academic editors.


As a lecturer, you aim to produce high-quality, inspiring teaching material for your students. As part of Radboud University, we understand exactly what this entails. We will provide you with a proper translation of your teaching material, research videos, PowerPoint presentations and Prezis. We also frequently translate prospectuses and education and examination regulations.


Whether it’s general terms and conditions, contracts, or education and examination regulations, it is vitally important for legal texts to be complete and comprehensible. Our team employs the best legal translators and you can rest assured that your legal texts will be correctly translated with respect to both content and linguistics.


If you work in the HR department of an organisation employing large numbers of international staff, you will probably want your communications with them to be highly effective and user-friendly. And you will want to keep them fully and clearly informed about terms of employment, local regulations, and the like. We are here to help you produce robust HR texts in any desired language. We can even translate your job vacancy posting into an attractive text that will help you engage the right candidates.

Other texts

You can also count on us for the translation of other sorts of texts, such as multi-language website text, press releases, newsletters, brochures, flyers and advertisements, speeches, presentations, inaugural addresses, and lectures.

More information and requests

If you would like more information or if you have a job for us, please use our contactform:

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