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Can I use a grant to pay for my language or communication course?

If you would like to further develop your language or communication skills and are you looking into the possibility of applying for a grant to finance your course, there are various schemes that can provide funding for your language or communication course at In’to:

STAP budget - Lifelong Development Programme

From 28 February 2023 onwards, employees and job seekers can apply for a STAP budget of up to €1,000 to cover the costs of training and development. All of the necessary information about the STAP budget as well as the scheme’s application procedure can be found by clicking on the button below.

The Goed Werkgeverschap [Good Employment Practices] Subsidy from the Province of Gelderland

The Province of Gelderland wants to invest in good employment practices and is offering a subsidy to employers in Gelderland (who have a minimum of ten and a maximum of 250 workers in salaried employment) who are active either in public administration or within one of the following sectors: Healthcare, Education, Technology & ICT, Energy and Energy Transition, Agriculture and Horticulture, Logistics and Construction.

At In’to, this subsidy may be put towards developing, improving and implementing measures that promote inclusion.

The ‘Tel mee met Taal’ [Count with Language] Subsidy

Schools, employers, libraries: in 2023, many different organisations may once again apply for this subsidy for reducing and preventing functional illiteracy. The application period runs from 1 January to 28 February 2023.

Opleidingsbudget van het Sectorinstituut Transport en Logistiek (STL) [Training Budget for the Transport and Logistics Sector Institute (STL)]

If you work in the transport and logistics sector and you would like to either undertake further training or retrain, make use of the SOOB subsidy, which can be used to fund your language or communication course! This will subsequently provide you with a €3,000 subsidy on study programmes.

Our individual and group courses, as well as our tailor-made courses are usually eligible for this subsidy. To qualify for this subsidy, you will need to:

  1. Go to this site to check whether you meet the requirements
  2. Call us first on 024-3612159, so that we can provide you with appropriate advice.
  3. You can then use this form to apply for the course or training programme of your choice.
  4. An adviser will subsequently assess whether your application will be granted.
  5. Lastly, you will be able to register and, for this purpose, you will need to provide STL’s account details.

Dutch Language Budget

If you are a temporary worker and you would like to improve your Dutch language skills in order to increase your chances of getting a job, you may apply for a Dutch Language Budget from the Doorzaam Foundation.

Internationalisation of Basic Education (IFO)

If your school is planning to internationalise through early foreign language education (VVTO) or bilingual education (TTO), you can take advantage of the Internationalisation of Basic Education (IFO) subsidy scheme.

Alternatively, you may like to look at things from another angle. If you have a budget for development at your disposal and you would like to know which courses you will be able to afford, we have listed several suggestions below to show you how you can spend your budget effectively:

Up to €1,000
1. Language courses in 18 different languages (including Cambridge courses)
2. English Boost Camps (1 day)
3. Communication course Individual course consisting of 2 x 90-minute sessions

From €1,000 to €2,000
1. Individual or group communication courses
2. Tailor-made courses in 18 different languages, which can be taken individually or as a team

€2,001 or more
1. Intensive foreign language programme
2. Tailor-made courses in 18 different languages, which can be taken individually or as a team
3. Dutch as a Second Language, teacher training course