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STAP subsidy - Lifelong Learning

STAP subsidy - Lifelong Learning

Do you want to take your language or communication skills to the next level and are you exploring the possibilities to apply for funding? A number of our courses and trainings are eligible for the STAP subsidy.

Find out more about which In'to courses qualify for the STAP subsidy, and how to register for the course as well as the subsidy.

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> What is the STAP subsidy?
> Who is the STAP subsidy for?
> Which courses qualify?
> How can I apply for a STAP subsidy?
> When can I apply for the STAP subsidy?

Which courses qualify for the STAP subsidy?

We regret to announce that we are obliged to restrict our range of STAP courses for the time being.

The STAP Assessment Committee has ruled that all NT2 courses and foreign language courses below B1 level do not meet the requirements of the STAP scheme.
The new rules apply not only to Radboud In’to Languages, but to all providers of STAP courses (see the ministry’s website).
We and other providers are currently in talks with the minister about this.

In order to prevent our course participants from having to repay awarded subsidies and from facing unexpected costs, we have decided to restrict our range of STAP courses pending the minister’s response. We hope that we will be able to offer all our language courses again in the future.
If you wish, you can put your name on a list of interested participants for the course you want to take. We will then inform you once the final decision has been made by the minister. Please let us know if you would like to be put on this list. If you would like more information about this, get in touch with our Service Centre at info@into.ru.nl or 024 361 21 59, or keep an eye on our website for updates.

On 28 February you can request the STAP budget for courses that start after 1 April. We will offer our foreign language courses again in May. If you wish to receive a notification when the schedules are published on our website, please let us know here.

What is the STAP subsidy?

From 1 March 2022, employees and jobseekers can apply for a STAP subsidy of up to €1,000 per year to spend on training and development. STAP stands for Stimulering Arbeidsmarkt Positie (stimulating labour market position). The STAP subsidy replaces the 'study costs deduction' scheme. The subsidy has been made available to enable people to take more control of their own career development.

You can only spend the STAP subsidy at certified institutions. Radboud in'to Languages is one them.

Who is the STAP subsidy for?

  • Every person who has a link with the Dutch labour market can apply for a STAP subsidy to finance the training they want to attend. You need to be between eighteen and the age at which you are eligible for state pension. Your employment status is not relevant.
  • If your employer or another party contributes to the costs of the training, you can still apply for the STAP subsidy. The amount you receive from another source is subtracted from the STAP subsidy.
  • If you are also entitled to other allowances such as student grants, study advance vouchers or teacher grants, you may not be able to claim the subsidy. To find out if this is the case, read here.

How can I apply for a STAP subsidy?

For a group course

You can apply for this subsidy via the STAP portal of the UWV. Step 1 of this website will also show you whether you are eligible for this subsidy. Please follow these steps to apply:

  1. You can register for one of our training courses via our website. When going through payment options, put the word 'STEP' in the 'Comment' field.
  2. You will receive a certificate of registration from us within a week.
  3. With that certificate of registration, you register with the UWV.
  4. You do not have to pay anything in advance; the UWV pays the bill to In'to Languages.
  5. You must apply for the subsidy before you start a course. This means you cannot apply for a subsidy for a course you have already started.
  6. Follow the training and complete it. We must show your proof of completion to the UWV in order to receive the subsidy.

Tailor-made courses

Follow the steps below:

  1. First check on the STAP portal of the UWV (refers to another website) at step 1 whether you are eligible for this subsidy.
  2. Use our registration form to indicate what you want to work on.
  3. We will contact you to discuss your learning needs and goals. If necessary, we will schedule an intake with a teacher.
  4. You will receive an offer with a provisional registration certificate from us.
  5. With this proof of registration, you can register with the UWV via the link in step 1.
  6. Please inform us if you have been granted the STAP subsidy. Please indicate how the bill will be paid: via STAP, via your employer, via your own account or a combination of the above.

When can I apply for a STAP subsidy?

You can apply again from 28 February 2023 A new round of subsidies is made available every 2 months.


  1. In general, STAP training should start no earlier than 4 weeks after having completed the application. This is to guarantee that the UWV has enough time to grant the STAP subsidy before the training starts.
  2. If you apply for a subsidy, you must start the course within 3 months after having finished the application. More concretely, this means that if you have applied during the application period of:
  • 28 February to April, that your training should start at the earliest 1 April andat the latest in July
  • 1 May to June, that your training should start at the earliest 1 June and at the latest in September

Have all subsidies been given out? Please feel free to try again the next round of subsidies.

See also the frequently asked questions about the STAP subsidy scheme