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RATEr speaking practice tasks

Task 1

You have a meeting with your thesis supervisor. He is asking you about your progress. Look at the pictures.

Before: Before thesis

Now:     During thesis

  • Listen to your supervisor and react.
  • Use both pictures in your answer.

Voice: Thank you for meeting me. How are you doing with your thesis?

Sample answer

At the start of my project, the writing was going very well, but now I’m having some problems with my computer.

Medium length tasks

In this part you will be presented with medium-length speaking tasks. Your answers in this part of the test should be longer than in part 1. Three to four sentences is enough. The speaking time is 60 seconds.

Task 2

You are giving a presentation on the top ranked universities in Europe. You present the following bar chart from a recent study. Look at the information below.

Top Ranked Universities Europe

University tuition fees per country
Germany € 20.000
UK € 10.350
Netherlands € 2.060
Denmark Free
Hungary Free

In your presentation, tell your fellow students about the information you have found. Make sure you mention:

  • The subject of your presentation;
  • Two striking findings (use the graph);
  • A possible explanation for your findings (use the table).

Sample answer:

My presentation is on the top-ranked universities in Europe. I’ve found a recent study which  shows the number of top ranked universities in European countries. As you can see, Germany has the most top-ranked universities, followed by the UK. Hungary has the smallest number of top-ranked universities. A possible explanation for these differences could be the tuition fees per country. The table I found shows that people studying in Germany and the UK pay the largest sum of tuition. This money could be invested into upgrading the universities and improving the quality of the classes, making these universities higher ranking than those with lower, or no tuition fees.

Task 3

You have been going to university for over half a year now and realize university just isn't for you. You call your parents to explain the situation.

Your answer must include:

  • An explanation of the situation;
  • 3 reasons why you want to quit (use all 3 pictures);
  • What you want to do now.

Sample answer:

Hi mum, I am calling to tell you that I want to quit university. I just hate it that I have to read so many books. Moreover, I don’t want to get out of bed so early every morning. But most importantly, it costs too much money to study. I’d rather work for a bit and then travel the world.

Task 4

You are in the class committee that organises a Career Day, a day on which you and your fellow students will visit a company that operates in the field in which you all study. There are two companies to choose from. Look at the following information.

No jobs vs hiring

  • Describe which company you are going to visit and why;
  • Discuss all three elements in your motivation.

Sample answer:

I would go for Company 1. First of all, the company is very easy to reach: it is only 5 km away from the university. Even though the company isn’t hiring anyone right now, there is a chance that they will have jobs available when you are graduated. Plus, if you are hired by this company, you will receive a good salary.