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Developing my Research Vision

Wat is jouw onderzoeksvisie? Jonge wetenschappers vinden deze vraag niet altijd eenvoudig te beantwoorden, maar het is van cruciaal belang, vooral voor degenen die carrière willen maken in de wetenschap en blijk moeten geven van hun wetenschappelijke onafhankelijkheid, (internationale) zichtbaarheid en ambitie voor een vaste aanstelling.

Juist voor hen is deze cursus heel geschikt. De cursus is gericht op postdocs en beginnende tenure trackers die met de wetenschap bezig willen blijven en willen werken aan het ontwikkelen, formuleren en communiceren van hun persoonlijke onderzoeksvisie.

Deze cursus organiseren we samen met onze partner Wageningen in’to Languages.
Uitgebreidere informatie vind je op de website van Wageningen in’to Languages.

Wat vinden andere cursisten?

The Developing My Research Vision course has been essential for my progress as a career academic. This course brought everything into perspective for me about my own goals and ambitions in research. What was even more rewarding is that the course got me back in touch with my roots about why I was inspired to do research in the first place. I can now clearly explain the "Why, What, and How", and also importantly the "Why Me?" when talking about my research vision. The atmosphere was supportive, helpful, and inspiring. It was great to interact with researchers from all the other faculties. I can't recommend this course enough! 10/10!

This course gave me the structure I needed to better define my research vision. Ghislaine and Claudius were both wonderful mentors, who helped encourage all of us to dream big, but also equipped us with useful tools with which to implement our goals. I found it challenging at times, but this is just a sign of how much it made me grow in perspective and confidence! I would 10/10 recommend this course to anyone who wants to clarify and realize their research ambitions.

This course really gets you thinking about and refining your research plans. I appreciated the creative, powerful and practical tools that helped me shape my ideas as well as my personal profile. These tools, in combination with the personalized feedback from the teachers and the group, led to a much clearer sense of who I am as an academic.’

This course helped me to really think about my future and research vision. The different working forms that were offered during the course were valuable to ‘force’ me to think about my unique skills and define my research niche. In addition, it was very nice to meet the other researchers that attended the course. It was inspiring to hear their stories, ideas for the future and receive their feedback on my plans.