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PhD Candidate and Supervisor: A Dynamic Relationship | PhD Discussion with philosopher Laurens Landeweerd (Lezing)

dinsdag 14 november 2017Plaats in mijn agenda
16:00 tot
Huygens building, HG 00.065, Radboud University
Radboud Reflects Maand van de Ethiek @ Faculty of Science
Philosopher Laurens Landeweerd

PhD Candidate and Supervisor

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Is your supervisor your colleague, your boss or your mentor? Come think with other PhD candidates about the dynamic relationship between PhD candidate and supervisor and reflect together on this issue in an interactive conversation, moderated by philosopher Laurens Landeweerd.


The relationship between you as a PhD candidate and your supervisor is a remarkable one. On the one hand you are colleagues, working at the same faculty, interested in the same field. But on the other hand, there are elements of power and dependency in the relationship. Your supervisor judges as well as guides your effort, work, and progress. In this way, he or she can be very influential in the development of your career.


Does this ambiguous (un)equal relation ever cause problems in daily practice? For example, what happens if your supervisor does not have enough time for you, or fails to support you, or when a dispute arises? How are such issues best resolved? Can they openly be discussed or is that complicated? And is it possible to negotiate things like time and work pressure, or the question of whose name(s) will be mentioned in a joint publication?


landeweerdThis meeting will be moderated by Laurens Landeweerd, a philosopher at the Faculty of Science at Radboud University. His work is mainly concerned with the ethical and social aspects of human enhancement and biotechnology.


This program is specially organized for PhD candidates from the Faculty of Science. Participation is free, but please sign up in advance.

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In November 2017, Radboud Reflects programming highlights the Faculty of Science at Radboud University, to think about ethical issues in science with students, employees and the general public.