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Teaching and Tenure | Academic Affairs with scholar of cultural studies Edwin van Meerkerk and scholar of law Jesper Geubels (Gesprek)

woensdag 5 oktober 2022Plaats in mijn agenda
12:30 tot
Collegezalencomplex CC5, Mercatorpad 1, Radboud University
Radboud Reflects, Radboud Teaching and Learning Centre, Radboud Recognition and Rewards Programme
Scholar of cultural studies Edwin van Meerkerk and scholar of law Jesper Geubels

Teaching and Tenure | Academic Affairs with scholar of cultural studies Edwin van Meerkerk and scholar of law Jesper Geubels

What is the role of the teacher in the university? What is needed to properly value academic teaching? Traditionally, academics investigate and educate. However, successful scientists and scholars “buy off” their teaching time. At the same time, teachers without research FTE cannot climb the academic ladder. Come and learn about alternative career paths from scholar of law and 100%-teacher Jesper Geubels and former director of education of the Faculty of Arts Edwin van Meerkerk during UNESCO’s World Teachers Day.

Teaching load

How is your teaching load this semester? You have probably heard this question at the coffee machine, often accompanied with a lamenting sigh. The term ‘load’ indicates the way teaching is often understood in academia: as a chore. An activity that stands in the way of a scholar’s or scientist’s real purpose: doing research. Yet, with the new Recognition and Reward programme, Radboud University wants to bolster the appreciation for teaching. Should you be able to climb the academic ladder as an inspiring teacher? And if so: how should such a career be given shape?

The most successful academics, are those who students see the least. By accumulating research funding, principal investigators (PIs) can minimise their teaching time. There is nothing wrong with that. With their funds, star professors push the frontiers of knowledge while enabling young scholars and scientists to join the ranks. At the same time, the current focus on and appreciation for research has led to a declining recognition of the other main purpose of the university: teaching students.

Two sides of the academic coin

The combination of education and research is at the root of the modern university. However, critics of this principle argue that the two tasks are not complementary, but conflicting. Teaching and researching require two different personality types. The person who publishes the most-cited articles in the Q1-journal is not the same person who inspires the new generation in the classroom. For a university to excel at both teaching and research, the critics contend, we need a stricter division of labour.

The current Recognition and Reward Programme argues for diversity of academic careers. Furthermore, education should be valued equally to research. The two sides of the academic coin are not necessarily assembled in one person, but in one team. During this Academic Affairs on 5 October, Word Teacher’s Day, a global day for the appreciation of educators , academics discuss how teaching should be properly valued within Radboud University.

This programme is in English.

About the speakers

Edwin van MeerkerkEdwin van Meerkerk is an associate professor in cultural studies at Radboud University. He is a former director of education of the Faculty of Arts and a Leadership Fellow at the Comenius Network.

Jesper Geubels is a passionate teacher without research time at the Faculty of Law. Before educating law students, he taught history and civics classes at high schools in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Rozendaal and Curaçao.


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