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Podcast - Out of the Box | Episode 4: social scientist turned policy officer Channah Herschberg (Gesprek)

zondag 5 maart 2023Plaats in mijn agenda
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Radboud Reflects and Radboud Young Academy
Policy officer Channah Herschberg

Some left, others returned, but they all share one thing: they cannot stop being an academic. Radboud Young Academy and Radboud Reflects present a podcast series on scholars and scientists who take the road less travelled. They started companies, they managed large organizations, or they advised the minister on educational policies. What do they value in contemporary academic practice? What should change? And how do they view the role universities ought to play in society?

Episode 4: social scientist turned policy officer Channah Herschberg

As a PhD candidate, social scientist Channah Herschberg investigated the ways universities select and exclude academic talent. Nowadays, she develops national policies on exactly this issue. ‘The perks of working in practice,’ Herschberg says, ‘is that I can change something.’

In this episode of Out of the Box, Herschberg compares working in academia with working in governmental organizations. Nowadays, she writes letters to parliament instead of conference papers and her calendar is crammed with meetings – something she actually likes. Yet, she still considers herself an academic. ‘The skills you learn as a researcher, I do take them with me.’

About the speaker

Channah HerschbergChannah Herschberg is a policy officer at the Dutch Ministry for Education, Culture and Science (OCW). Before moving to The Hague, she did research on the academic labor market and selection criteria for postdocs.

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This is a podcast of Radboud Reflects and Radboud Young Academy.