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23|01|19 Out of the Box # 1. Floris Heukelom - Podcast with researchers who left academia and returned to it

Some left, others returned, but they all share one thing: they cannot stop being an academic. Radboud Young Academy and Radboud Reflects present a podcast series on scholars and scientists who take the road less travelled. They started companies, they managed large organizations, or they advised the minister on educational policies. What do they value in contemporary academic practice? What should change? And how do they view the role universities ought to play in society?

Episode 1: Economist turned care farm owner Floris Heukelom

Floris Heukelom had a successful academic career lined up for him: Cambridge University Press published his PhD thesis, colleagues cited his articles enthusiastically, and he obtained a position as assistant professor at Radboud University. Nonetheless, he completely switched to a career as an entrepreneur in the health care sector in 2017.

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Onder de bomen

Heukelom’s company Onder de bomen started as a zorgboerderij – a so-called care farm. The organization provides meaningful work and activities to vulnerable people. As a director, he is even more busy than he was as an academic, Heukelom admits. Yet, he feels more in control over his life and his work.

Heukelom could not completely shrug off his inner researcher. In his spare time, he still writes articles. What does he value in academic life? And what could academics learn from entrepreneurship and the health care sector?

Adraan Duiveman, program manager at Radboud Reflects, is the moderator.

About the speaker

Floris HeukelomFloris Heukelom worked as an assistant professor in behavioural economics at Radboud University. He is now the owner of a health care company that started as a zorgboederij, a care farm: Onder de bomen.

This is a podcast of Radboud Reflects and Radboud Young Academy.