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The Invisible Facts behind ChatGPT | Lecture by philosopher Tamar Sharon


Tamar Sharon - Foto Ramon Tjan

Tamar Sharon - Foto Ramon Tjan

Foto's Ramon Tjan



The invisible facts behind ChatGPT | Lecture by philosopher Tamar Sharon

21.40 - 22.05 h. Valkhofzaal

The discussion about ChatGPT is very often focused on the risks of the texts it produces: how can we make sure that students, for example, keep writing their essays themselves instead of handing in papers that were produced in one click by ChatGPT? But in doing so, we are overlooking other major risks, according to philosopher Tamar Sharon. Come and find out more!

Not a calculator

Will ChatGPT fundamentally change our educational system? Will students get dumber because they don’t have to think for themselves anymore? Some people compare ChatGPT to the calculator: when it was introduced, many people were afraid that this would lead to a deterioration of students’ math skills. According to Tamar Sharon, this comparison does not compute, as ChatGPT has different implications.

The invisible facts

Did you know that ChatGPT places an enormous burden on our environment? That it is produced in low income countries, but owned by a few billionaires in Silicon Valley? That your privacy is far from secured when you use it? That it tends to foster gender and race biases? That the business model is questionable: it might be for free now, but by the time we have become dependent on it we will probably have to pay for it. Tamar Sharon argues that we put this technology on hold, at least until we have clear European legislation. 

Program manager Nort Vlemmix is the moderator. 

About the speaker

Tamar SharonTamar Sharon is professor of philosophy, digitalisation and society at Radboud University. She researches how public values and norms are influenced by the increasing digitalisation of society and how these norms can best be protected.

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