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Where to Look for God? | Film and conversation with theologian François Manga




22.25 - 22.55 h. Karolingenzaal

Where to look for God? In the GoShort movie Wednesday with Goddard by Nicolas Ménard, a man decides to go on a personal quest to look for an answer. It’s not an easy road, an when he finally succeeds and meets God on the top of a mountain, he is utterly disappointed. Come and watch Wednesday with Goddard and listen to theologian François Manga, who states that this movie, chosen by Go Short, perfectly illustrates that God can never be found in places where we actually search for him/her/it.

Something I cannot see

The search for God is timeless and placeless. Even if communal traditions have given way to more individual forms of spirituality, people keep looking for God. The starting point, according to François Manga, is always personal. Like the main character at the start of the movie stating “Rain is beautiful. It makes me believe in God. But I cannot believe in something I cannot see.”


However, states François Manga, the more concrete our ideas on where to find God are, the less likely it is that we are going to find him/her/it. Disillusion and disappointment are often the result. But instead of concluding that God thus does not exist, it might actually help to rekindle our quest for God.

This program is in English.

Ethicist Marcel Becker is the moderator.

About the speaker

Francois MangaFrançois Manga is a PhD candidate at the Department of Textual, Historical and Systematic studies of Judaism and Christianity at Radboud University. His research focusses on the process of the spiritual pilgrimage by Jan Pascha, a 16th century Carmelite mystic.

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