High performance computing facilities

The reliability and safety of computer systems are important in many sectors, especially in health care. Our facilities make it possible to create a reliable analysis of such computer systems. The High-Performing Computing facilities include computers with a large memory and with great processing capacity.

For whom?

The High Performance Computer Facilities are available to companies with questions about, for example, the correctness of software, security of systems, safety of data, and Big Data analysis.


The large memory system is a Dell R920, with four processors (E7-4870 v2 on 2.3 Ghz) with 15 hyperthreading cores each (120 bits total) and 3 Tb RAM (1600 Mhz) internal memory. We will also soon decide which system with great processing capacity we will purchase.


ing. Ronny Wichers Schreur
T: +31 24 36 52481

More information about this facility can be found here. You can also contact the central coordination of Radboud Research Facilities.