Group Decision (GD) Lab

How do we develop a new strategy for our organization? How can the needs of all stakeholders be included? How robust is our long-term strategy? The GD lab is well-suited for supporting collective decisionmaking processes. It offers computer-assisted facilities for brainstorming and for supporting companies and organizations in taking complex decisions, participatory scenario-building, and decisionmaking under uncertainty.


The facilities are suitable for group experiments, education and meetings. Mobile furniture and moveable panels make the space both flexible and easy to change from plenary sittings to small working groups. Nineteen laptops, a video projector and audio equipment are available for use. A monitor is mounted on the wall for each table.


Erik Schothuis, for reservations
+31 (0) 24 3625914

Vincent de Gooyert, for specific questions
+31 (0) 24 3615578