Individual Decision (ID) Lab

How much salary can I ask my employer? How does the decision behavior of other people affect my tradeoffs? How does the choice architecture  influence my choice behavior for e.g. organ donation, buying a car, etc.? What is the influence of behavioral bias (emotional, cognitive) on decisionmaking behavior of individuals or interactive market-players. The ID lab provides an excellent environment for doing experiments related to negotiation and individual choices within socio-economic fields.


The lab space consists of 32 separate units, each with a laptop. Together the units function as a standalone network with its own server to ensure a controlled lab environment that allows you to examine the desired variable and collect reliable data.


Erik Schothuis, for reservations
+31 (0) 24 3625914

Sasche Füllbrunn, for specific questions
+31 (0) 24 3615474