Industrial Sustainability

AI for Industry 4.0


The Radboud University Faculty of Science hosts a Didactic Factory for teaching and development of AI for Industry 4.0 and beyond, initiated by the department of Analytical Chemistry and Chemometrics. In public-private projects, they combine methodological development with sustainable industrial innovation, often contributing to novel Industry 4.0 applications. The Didactic Factory is linked to Digital Innovation Hubs in East-Netherlands and is an important platform for collaborations with manufacturing and process industry.

Facilities for companies

  • Courses
    • Industrial Chemistry
    • Handheld Spectroscopy in Industry
    • Other courses focused on AI / spectroscopy
  • Master track 'Science, Management and Innovation: Green Information Technology’
  • Fieldlab for (co-)development of AI software for industrial processes
  • Research collaboration to develop AI applications with manufacturing-, chemical- and food industry

Collaboration initiatives

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More information

Interested in specific possibilities? Questions about cooperation, pricing and contractual matters? Please contacted Ed Koster for more information: