Digital Security

In the development of hand-held devices and citizen science applications, reliable and privacy-friendly authentication of data is essential. For example, think of the authentication of measurement data and the users. The Citizen Science Living Lab offers you access to the very advanced IRMA-technologie. IRMA can be used to transfer only the identity data (attributes) that are minimally necessary, in such a way that the control over this lies with the user. This is in line with the current requirements within the framework of the privacy legislation. The foundation behind IRMA issues a set of basic attributes: email, mobile phone number and personal data via iDIN from the banks. In addition, the Municipality of Nijmegen issues personal data such as name, age, address and BSN to all Dutch citizens by means of DigiD-authentication from the Basic Registration Personal Data.

IRMA provides direct information about where the attributes come from and who issued them. In addition, IRMA guarantees that the attributes have not been changed after they have been issued. The attributes can also be linked by the IRMA user to random data, resulting in a digital signature on that data. With this digital signature the receiver can also establish that both the signed data and the attributes linked to them have not changed after signature.

You can contact the Citizen Science Living Lab for more information:

  • Advice about the IRMA technology
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  • The development of tailor-made digital security applications