Diagnostics & Devices

A diagnostic device must be reliable and accurate. The development of innovative and advanced diagnostic tools and devices often requires the necessary research into biochemical properties and validation of results.


  • Development of diagnostic equipment, tools & point-of-care devices
  • Use of and testing with diagnostic tools & devices


Cytofind Diagnostics is developing a technology based on microfluidics to isolate circular tumor cells (CTCs) from blood. Uniquely, the CTCs are individually isolated in microfluidic capsules and can therefore be analysed on a single-cell level for tumorogenic properties. The technology is still in early development. The further development and validation into a commercial diagnostic product requires the necessary support in the field of research. Researchers at the Institute for Molecules and Materials of the Radboud University use their knowledge, expertise and equipment to validate the technique and develop it into a valuable product for the diagnostic market.”