MITeC Operating rooms

Radboud Research Facilities provides the possibility to apply MRI devices in the operating rooms for researching:


  • MRI compatible materials (safety) and biopsy systems;
  • MRI compatible robots;
  • MRI compatible High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) system through the rectum for prostate cancer treatment;
  • Phase III study HIFU (through the urethra) in which the entire prostate is treated.

We offer a number of dedicated operating rooms (MITeC) which have special combinations of diagnostic and interventional techniques available, such as preoperative MRI and CT, as well as brachytherapy and various techniques for ‘on the spot’ tissue diagnostics.

In addition, MITeC is a cooperation where interventional, surgical, and diagnostic disciplines, as well as external parties such as insurers, the TU/e and UT, companies and umbrella organizations, and patient associations can all develop and explore ideas.

MITeC facilitates research to the quality and effectiveness of the entire healthcare chain in which adjusted or improved surgical procedures and techniques are introduced. Key elements are:

  • Imaging systems that are able to perform actions in a more precise and less invasive manner.
  • Diagnostics on surgical precission or intervention on the spot instead of hindsight.
  • Additional therapeutic techniques, available in operating rooms.

For whom?

The MRI in the operating room is especially of interest to universities and companies that carry out clinical research in the fields of urology, surgery, neurosurgery, and interventional radiology. The MITeC operating rooms are of importance for patients and companies that aim to introduce a new surgical technique, but the operating rooms are also suitable for insurers or financers of health care innovations who desire the best quality for minimum (additional) costs. Doctors and hospitals that want to offer better quality of care can also make use of our facilities.


Hein Gooszen (head MITeC)
T: +31 24 36 51536

Mathias Prokop (head MITeC)
T: +31 24 36 16473

Maroeska Rovers (scientific research)
T: +31 24 36 51567

Jurgen Futterer (scientific research)
T: +31 25 36 55789

Richard van den Broek (assessments)
T:+31 24 36 68041

More information about this facility can be found here. You can also contact the central coordination of Radboud Research Facilities.