At the heart of the FELIX Laboratory are free-electron lasers that produce very intense, short-pulse infrared and terahertz (THz) light. The interaction of this light with molecules and materials provides unique information about the 3D structure, electronic properties and dynamics of matter.

Free-electron Lasers

Together, the laboratory’s unique free-electron lasers FELIX, FLARE and FELICE provide the world’s most complete coverage of the infrared and THz spectrum. This offers the opportunity to perform research on a wide variety of materials. Alongside their own projects, FELIX researchers offer their facility and expertise to guest scientists.

At the FELIX Laboratory, scientists from various disciplines join forces to explore the secrets of nature and to develop new technologies. For instance how our body converts the food we eat into energy, how to build a quantum computer or how our planet was once formed from stardust.

What also makes FELIX a unique facility, is possibility of cooperation with the High Field Magnet Lab. This is the only place on Earth where research with infrared light can be combined with high magnetic fields.


Dr. B. (Britta) Redlich

Telephone: +31 24 36 53947

More information about this facility can be found on the FELIX website.