The High Field Magnet Laboratory (HFML) is one of the few facilities with continuous high magnetic fields worldwide. The unique high field magnets of the HFML bring surprising material properties to light. This fundamental material knowledge is a driving force behind innovation.

High Magnetic Fields

At HFML, magnet fields up to 37.5 T are available, a 45 T hybrid magnet is under development.

The HFML research programme is based around three major research themes, Strongly Correlated Electron Systems, Semiconductors & Nanostructures and Soft Condensed Matter & Nanomaterials, and one technological theme, namely the Magnet Technology and Development programme.

These research themes provide the possibility to align molecules, influence chirality of biomolecules, research superconducting materials or to monitor the behaviour of materials in weighless conditions.

What also makes HFML a unique facility, is the possibility of cooperation with FELIX. This is the only place on Earth where research with high magnetic fields can be combined with infrared light.


Telephone: +31 24 3653005

More information about this facility can be found on the website of HFML. An overview of experimental facilities and magnet specifications can be found on the same webpage.