Trace Gas facility

The Trace Gas facility enables researchers to trace minute quantities trace gasses in complex gas mixtures. This measuring facility is unique in Europe because these techniques are not commonly applied to life sciences elsewhere due to the required expertise and high operational costs.

Trace Gas Detection

The Radboud University has years of experience with the development and application of trace gas detection methods with lasers and mass spectrometers. Through years of experience it is possible to detect substances at sub-part per billion volume (1 ppbv = 1: 109) concentrations, on-line, non-invasive, with high selectivity and detection speed.

High sensitivity at the Trace Gas facility makes it possible to observe gas exchange of single fruit, insects, seeds, plants or roots. High temporal and spatial resolution allow for minutes down to seconds observation of fast reactions of biological material.

The Trace Gas facility is accessible for researchers engaged in experiments where a quantitative change of small gas emissions forms an important asset to determine the character and the timing of the observed process.


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More information about this facility can be found on the website of the Trace Gas Facility.