With this measuring instrument it is possible to measure brain activity with a high temporal resolution (EEG) in combination with a reasonable (sub-cm) spatial resolution (NIRS). These measurements are non-invasive, not harmful or damaging for the subject and completely silent. Almost anyone can undergo the NIRS-EEGmeasurement without stress. During the measurements, we can offer visual stimuli (varying from simple lights to movie material) as well as aural stimuli (varying from very simple tones to complex sounds such as speech or music) and study the reactions of the brain in these different conditions. Additionally, we provide the data-analysis and presentation.

For whom?

The measurements can especially be used for patients with an implant, such as a cochlear implant, hearing aid instruments, or a bone conduction stimulator. Companies producing such implants could gain more insight into the manner in which their products steer brain activity. Audiological centers can use this technique for the same reasons.


Dr. Marc van Wanrooij
T: +31 24 36 14238

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