Vestibular chair

With this unique vestibular stimulator, it is possible to rotate the subjects around two independent computer-controlled axles, while performing cognitive or motoric tasks. While the subject is being rotated, the stimulator offers visual and aural stimuli. During the tests, the eye and head movements of the subject can be measured with careful precision and a simple response is possible by means of, for example, a button or joystick. With this multi-sensory stimulator, very specific information can be gathered about the sense of orientation of the subject, as well as the performance of a large number of communicating circuits in the brain, and the motor skills of the subject under stimulated and difficult conditions.

For whom?

The measurements can be used for a broad range of patients (varying from patients with a sensory disorder to patients with cognitive or neurodegenerative disorders). Additionally, this facility might also be of interest to, for example, the pilot academy, or applications in the gaming industry, such as virtual-reality games.


Dr. Marc van Wanrooij
T: +31 24 36 14238

More information about this facility can be found on the Sensorimotor Research Lab page. You can also contact the central coordination of Radboud Research Facilities.