Solar cell proof of concept line

The solar cell proof of concept line is especially interesting for companies that are concerned with innovations in the field of solar cells (for example companies that want to have a solar cell with a higher return) since we can develop an anti-reflection coating with this facility for a higher return.

zonnecel echt goed

Except the application of high-return solar cells, we are also working together with several companies for the usage of these cells in space travel and high-end consumer products. In collaboration with the spin-off company Rera Solutions, we developed light irradiation indicators for the control and output optimization of PV installations and the solar radar as input for smart-grid developments.

Besides supporting companies for the development of systems, the team is in the possession of other facilities and expertise for outdoor analyses of these systems in comparison with various flat panel systems. The systems are tested during continuous monitoring of direct, indirect and spectral solute (up to 1700 nm) irradiation, temperatures, cloud covering and metadata.

For whom?

The solar cell proof of concept line is especially of interest to academic researchers and companies.


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