Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Radboud Summer School.


Where do I find detailed course information?

In December our complete course overview for the next summer is available online. When the information has been made available online your can go to courses, and click on your course for more detailed information about dates, entry levels, course fees, course descriptions, etc.

On-campus or online courses?

We hope that our beautiful, modern and green campus in Nijmegen, the Netherlands will once again be the perfect backdrop for the majority of our courses. However we will probably also add online courses to our programme.

Who do I contact for additional course information?

Please contact our summer school team at radboudsummerschool@ru.nl

Will I be refunded if a course is cancelled?

Yes, when a course is cancelled you will be informed immediately and your course fee will be fully refunded. Read our cancellation policy for more information.


How do I apply for a course?

To apply for a course, please fill out the online registration module. More information

Which documents should I include with my application?

Please check the course pages to see what documents you should submit before your application can be completed. Course documents are not always required but in some cases you will have to hand in your CV and a short motivation letter.

What is the early bird deadline?

The early bird deadline is 1 April 2022. If you apply before this date you will receive a 10% discount on your course fee. If you study at one of our partner universities the discount will even be 25%!

What are the language requirements?

We expect our students to be proficient at English (IELTS 6.0, B2, TOEFL 550 or equivalent) in order to get the most out of our courses. We expect that you are able to speak, read, and write in good English as some courses may require presentations or written assignments.

I applied for a course, when will I receive more information?

We will review your application within 10 working days. In some cases we may ask you to provide us with additional information. If so, we will contact you by email. If you have been admitted to the course, you will receive more information about the course itself and other relevant information about Radboud Summer School. More information will follow once courses have been confirmed to start. The most important information about your courses will be sent to you by email one month before your course starts.

Are there any scholarships available?

At Radboud University we are proud of the quality of our research and education and proud of our contributions to science and society. On our scholarship page you will find an overview of our scholarships. 
Some of our courses offer scholarships. If the course you are interested in offer a scholarship, you can find the details on the course pages.

The online registration module doesn't work. Whom can I contact?


How much do the courses cost?

The fees vary per course. Please check the course descriptions on the individual course pages for more detailed information, including the costs

Is housing included in the course fee?

No, it is not. There are separate prices mentioned in the application for housing.

How can I pay the fees?

After you have been admitted you will receive an AcceptEmail. You can use this email to pay your fees. You can either pay with a  credit card or by using IDEAL. More information about AcceptEmail
In exceptional cases we can send an invoice to your company or university. If you prefer this option, you need to contact us before you finish your online application. Please note that by choosing this option you might delay your final enrolment in the course as these payments takes more time to process.

Do you offer a cancellation refund?

If you inform the summer school before the cancellation deadline that you will not be participating, you will receive a refund. You can find our cancellation policy here.

How do I cancel my registration and request a refund?

You can send us an email.

Will I be refunded if the course is cancelled?

When a course is cancelled you will be informed immediately and your course and accommodation fee will be refunded in full.

Will I be refunded if  I cannot obtain a visa?

If you cancel for any reason after the cancellation deadline you will not receive a refund. You can find the cancellation policy here.

Will you send me a letter of acceptance?

On request only, please send us an email if you are in need of one.


Can I earn credits? If so, how many?

The majority of the courses award credits, usually 2 credits for a one-week course. The course descriptions provide more detailed information about the number of credits you can earn.

Who can I contact if I have questions during the Summer School?

Please contact our one of our Summer School Team members.

Radboud University

Where can I find information about the study programmes offered by Radboud University?

Information about all regular and exchange study programmes can be found here.

How to I get to Radboud University?

You can find the directions to Radboud university here.

Social programme

Does Radboud Summer School provide a social programme?

We offer an exiting joint social programme with a range of activities. Some courses organise specific activities off-campus. In this case, the course leader will provide you with additional information at the start of the Summer School.
More information about our social programme

Do I have to pay for the social programme?

Some of the activities are free of charge, you can join any activity that you like. If fees apply, this will be clearly stated in advance.


Do I need a visa?

This depends on your nationality. If you start a degree course after the Summer School, different rules apply. For more information,
More information on visa regulations.

Do I need insurance?

You are obliged to have appropriate health insurance while living in the Netherlands. We strongly recommend to taking out appropriate travel, liability insurance as well. Citizens of the European Union who plan on staying in the Netherlands temporarily can apply for the EU Health Insurance Card in their home country. This card gives you the same health insurance benefits as Dutch citizens.

If your health or liability insurance does not cover a temporary stay in the Netherlands, you should acquire an International Insurance Passport for Students (IPS Primary), which is intended for a temporary stay. This insurance covers medical expenses, emergency dental expenses, extraordinary costs, legal aid, accidents, liability, luggage and household goods. Travel insurance is included when you purchase the IPS on the IPS website before departure. The premium must be paid before you travel abroad.
More information on insurance.

How do I get to Nijmegen?

Nijmegen is easily accessible by car, train or bus from all parts of the country. For nation-wide travel (from the airport to Nijmegen), trains are the best option. There are several airports in the area, so check which airport is the most convenient for you when planning your trip to Nijmegen.

How to get to Radboud Summer School

What should I bring with me?

  • A valid passport (or a valid ID card for EU citizens).
  • Proof of insurance (travel insurance, medical insurance, etc.)
  • An Ethernet cable.
  • The weather can differ from day to day in the Netherlands. In addition to summer clothes, be sure to bring something warm. Sportswear and a raincoat might come in handy as well. Please check the weather forecast prior to your departure.
  • Towels (not provided by the Housing Office).
  • If you plan on bringing electronics, you may need to bring a outlet-converter as well (220V).

During your stay

What is the average cost of living in the Netherlands?

Average living expenses are around €100 to €150 a week, but the amount you spend will depend on your lifestyle.
More information on daily living expenses.

Will computer facilities be available?

You can find desktop computers to work on In the library on campus.

Can I use the library facilities?

You are entitled to use the University Library. The library is not just a place to look for books, but also to find a quiet place to study, to meet in groups, to check email, to ask advice from an information specialist, or to enjoy a chat in the lounge. 
More information about the University Library

Can I use the sport facilities?

If you want to play sports, you can do so at our Radboud Sports Centre.

What is the Radboud University emergency number?

The Radboud University emergency number is +31-(0)24-36 55555

Dial this number immediately in the event of:

  • Fire
  • Accident / emergency assistance
  • Threatening and unsafe situations (aggression and violence, suspicious packages, theft)
  • Incidents with dangerous substances

The control room will then immediately send the appropriate emergency assistance.

What should I do in case of an emergency?

If you need an ambulance, the fire brigade or the police in urgent situations, call the general emergency number: 112 (24 hours a day). For less urgent situations you can call the police at +31-(0)900-8844.

I need to see a doctor, where can I find one?

If you need medical treatment, you can visit a general practitioner (huisarts). You will have to make an appointment by telephone to consult the doctor at his or her practice. More information will be provided in your information package, which you will receive before and during the introduction day.

Nijmegen/the Netherlands

Where is Nijmegen located?

Nijmegen is situated on the banks of the Waal river, a branch of the Rhine, just 10 kilometres from the German border. It is a strategic hub near several famous cities in the Netherlands and Germany.
More information about Nijmegen.

What is the climate like during summer?

Nijmegen is one of the warmest cities in the Netherlands. It is also quite rainy like the rest of the Netherlands. We recommend that you bring something warm, something to keep you dry, and summer clothes. Please check the weather forecast before your departure.

What is the currency in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands, like the 17 other countries in the Eurozone, uses the euro as its official currency.

What language do people speak?

The official language of the Netherlands is Dutch, which is spoken by almost all people in the Netherlands. There is also a strong tradition of learning foreign languages in the Netherlands: about 89% of the total population have a good command of English, 70% of German, 29% of French and 5% of Spanish.

How many people live in Nijmegen?

Nijmegen is a medium-sized city with 168,195 inhabitants (3137 inh/km²). The Netherlands has a total population of 16,783,092 (404 inh/km²). 
Read more about Dutch demographics.

What is the Dutch public transport system like?

When you travel by train, tram, metro or bus, you can use the same card for the buses, This card is called the OV-chipkaart (OV-chip card). The OV-chipkaart is the means of payment for the public transport system in The Netherlands. The smart card is the size of a bank card and contains an invisible chip. It can be charged  with credit in euros with which you can travel anywhere within the Netherlands, or with a travel product such as a single or season ticket. 
More information on public transportFor travel information you can check the Journey planner of the Dutch Railways or the Door-to-door journey planner.

What are the voltage requirements in the Netherlands?

The voltage is 220. You may need a voltage converter and/or a plug adapter. We recommend getting a universal adapter and converter kit.

How do I get to Nijmegen?

Nijmegen is easy to reach by car, train or bus from all parts of the country. For nation-wide travel, trains are the best option. There are several airports in the area, so check which airport is the most convenient for you when planning your trip to Nijmegen.


What type of accommodation is available in June 2022?

We have made special arrangements with some of the hotels in Nijmegen. Once you have been admitted to a course/courses in June, you will receive an e-mail with the different options and discounts available. Please note that the hotels have a very limited amount of rooms available with these special rates/conditions. Price range between €395 to €660 for 6 nights.

What type of accommodation is available in July 2022?

We have made special arrangements with some of the hotels in Nijmegen. Once you have been admitted to a course/courses in July, you will receive an e-mail with the different options and discounts available. Please note that the hotels have a very limited amount of rooms available with these special rates/conditions. Price range between €395 to €660 for 6 nights.

What type of accommodation is available in August 2022?
In August we offer you the possibility to book one of the student rooms in Nijmegen in our student complex Hoogeveldt and Talia. The rooms are basic and differ from each other.

  • Single room (no roommate).
  • The room will be furnished with a bed (including mattress, blanket/duvet, pillow and bed linen), cupboard, desk and chair.
  • Shared facilities include a kitchen, shower/bathroom and toilet.
  • Internet access (Ethernet, bring a cable, no wifi available).
  • Distance to the Radboud Campus is a maximum of 30 minutes bike ride, often much less.
  • The price differs per accommodation, between €220-€295 per week
  • The accommodations have shared kitchens. Utensils and china are not present.
  • Breakfast is not included.
  • Accommodation Hoogeveldt is close to our campus, accommodation Talia is close to the Central Train Station and the City Centre.
  • more information about our student rooms.

After you have registered on campus you will get a key to your room. You will be able to enter your room after 2pm. Please note that the keys to these student rooms can only be picked up during registration on campus. The keys are not available at the accommodations! You have to leave your room before 10am on Saturday morning. Leave the key in the caretaker’s office in the envelope you picked up during registration.