Aikaterini at RSS

An unforgettable visit in the oldest University of the Netherlands! Both course leaders were very helpful, great speakers, and willing to discuss with the participants concerning questions and their lectures. They gave us  all the necessary information in written form in order for us to take notes and understand better their lectures.

I loved the social programme Boat Tour with pancakes! I strongly recommend it in order for the new participants of the summer school to live an experience of a lifetime. I tasted delicious pancakes while I was admiring the spectacular beauty of the river of Nijmegen, Waal. I was surprised to learn that I understood the consequences of different legal orders in obligation law in different EU Member States as well as the process  of unification of private international law as a part of the European Integration.

Thank you RSS a lot for the amazing summer experience! I would really recommend the RSS to others because personally I lived a unique summer week, I visited a beautiful city, Nijmegen, which was officially declared a green European city of 2018.

Ι  really enjoyed the time that I was at the Radboud University, because I communicated with peers from all over the world (Czech Republic, Poland, the Netherlands, Peru, Serbia, Mexico, China, Australia etc.), I took part in a very useful summer school which undoubtedly helped me improve my English, enrich my knowlegde in European Law and last, but not least, make great friends! The RSS was very well organised and worthy to experience it!

Aikaterini, Greece

Private International Law, 2018

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