Fidkya attended our online summer school in 2021, and shared a bit about her experience with us...

My name is Fidkya from Indonesia, currently pursuing a medical doctor degree at Universitas Padjadjaran, Bandung, Indonesia. It has been a blessing for me to be accepted as one of the participants for “The Use of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) to Support Universal Health Coverage” class, since I got wonderful experience throughout the whole session of the class. All the teaching staff members as the facilitator and also the entire participants enrich the class by exchanging knowledge, experience, and perspective virtually.

Toward the vision to achieve universal health coverage, a good decision-making process is needed and this might be challenging since counting for someone’s life given the limited resources would not be that easy. “The Use of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) to Support Universal Health Coverage” course is very helpful for me to comprehensively understand the evidence-informed deliberative process (EDPs) steps in designing health benefit packages. The teaching staff are very informative and guiding, the lectures given were supported by the real case study around the world as well as the guest lectures from HTA bodies representatives of some countries. The whole participants enriched the class since the course was very interactive

The pandemic has been affecting many aspects of life, one of those was the online implementation of this summer school, but instead of being a limitation, this condition has challenged us to break the nation boundaries while still enjoying the class interaction and also by participating in social activities of the Radboud Summer School.