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"I had such a good experience both study wise and social life wise. Such that after a week, I was feeling as if I belonged to this place."

Netherlands was my first European country to visit and I feel lucky for that. I flew to Amsterdam and stayed in the city. It’s such a lively place. I was overwhelmed to see so many people enjoying the beautiful city. I met amazing people and some of them are my good friends now. The bonus for me was that I witnessed the canal pride parade. It was so colorful and overwhelming experience. I highly recommend it.

I travelled from Amsterdam to Nijmegen by train, which was a pretty good way of transportation. My 3 hours journey was calm and full of pretty landscape. As I arrived on the station, I could easily see the Radboud ambassadors waiting for me (and other students) at the entrance. It was good to have a warm welcome in a foreign country. A bus was organized for us to travel to the university for the orientation/ registration. I must say that the bus driver was amazing and even gave us a short tour of the city on the way.

After the ride of 30-45 mins we entered the university campus, a beautiful and well-constructed one. It was an honor to be a part of such a well renowned university. The most amazing part was the people of the university. All the organizers of the summer school were very good and friendly. For any kind of problem, one should not hesitate to go to them. And I'm not saying this just for the sake of blog, this was my personal experience. I had some problems with my accommodation, and they managed to fix this within couple of hours. Well, it would be a shame if I wouldn't mention the role of Radboud ambassadors. Like guardian angels, they were always available to help.

I was in the course Addictive Behaviours. This was the first time such course was organized. A well structure and well taught curriculum. All the faculty members of the course were so kind and nice to students. We had a mixed crowd of students from different background. The course had two parts: lectures and lab visits. I got to know about the research in brain science department of Radboud university and the treatments available in Nijmegen for addiction care.

Apart from the studies in the course, we also had chance to know the Dutch culture. As a part of school program, there were many activities like a city tour, a cruise dinner etc. which helped to interact with the locals and to explore the culture. This was also a good opportunity to meet the people from other courses and I got lucky to find good friends.

I had such a good experience both study wise and social life wise. Such that after a week, I was feeling as if I belonged to this place. But sadly, the course finished, and I had to go back home.