Payment options

Please note that you need to pay in order to complete your application. There are several ways to pay.

1. Credit Card or IDEAL: AcceptEmail

After you have been admitted we will send you an AcceptEmail. With this email you will be able to pay your fee. You can either pay by Credit Card or IDEAL.

AcceptEmail is a simple way of paying bills by email. You always receive an AcceptEmail directly from the beneficiary, so it is clear who sent the email and to whom you’re paying which amount. You decide when you pay, and the payment status color shows if you’ve paid or not. If you are not paying for your fee yourself, you can forward the AcceptEmail to the person who does.

To pay, you simply click the payment button in the AcceptEmail. Upon clicking you land on the secured transaction page and choose your preferred payment method. All necessary information is already filled out for your convenience. All you need to do is confirm. Paying AcceptEmails can be done simply and safely via IDEAL or credit card.

Below you will find a sample of a header of an AcceptEmail that needs to be paid (in blue)

RSS AcceptEmail - To be Paid

and a sample of an AcceptEmail that has been paid (in green)

RSS AcceptEmail - PAID

I've received an AcceptEmail, but I can’t view it. What should I do?
If you can’t see any images, please check the security settings on your email program. You may need to change these settings to allow images to be shown automatically. Google has designated AcceptEmail as Trusted Sender. This means that most email programs will automatically show any images contained in the email.

I've just paid, but the AcceptEmail in my inbox does not show this yet. Why is that?
After you've paid, the AcceptEmail shows the new payment status immediately. To view this, open the email again or refresh your inbox. This way, you always know the current status of your payment.

Can I forward an AcceptEmail?
Yes, you can forward an AcceptEmail (showing the current payment status) just like any other email. An AcceptEmail cannot be paid twice. If anyone pays the AcceptEmail, the payment changes to green or “paid”, even in forwarded emails.
This means that someone else can pay the fee for you (e.g. your parents, university or employer).

2. Bank transfer

If you do not have a credit card we can send you our bank details. Please note that all costs related to the fee transfer have to be paid by you. In the application form, please select "I will pay online (IDEAL or credit card)" and request for our bank details later on by sending an e-mail to with the header: "Payment by Bank Transfer [YOUR NAME]".