​​Marie Østergaard Møller

Marie Østergaard Møller is an associate professor at the Department of Politics and Society, Aalborg University, Denmark. Her research interests include state-citizen encounters, categorization, public policy and administration, vignette method, and interpretive methods.

Marie works with research and development within systematic qualitative analysis, and categorization theory. Her work appears in different type of journals such as Human Service Organizations; Management, Leadership & Governance;  “Performance Measurement and Professional Decision making: A Resolvable Conflict?”, Journal of Mixed Methods Research: “Qualitative Vignette Experiments: A Mixed Methods Design”, Journal of Comparative Policy analysis; Research and practice; “The Dilemma between Self-protection and Service Provision under Danish COVID-19 Guidelines: A Comparison of Public Servants’ Experiences in the pandemic Frontline”, and in Journal of International and Comparative Social Policy: An approach to the development of comparative cross-National Studies of street-level bureaucracy”.

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