RSS01.B3 ​​Qualitative Data Analysis: Concepts and Techniques​

Reliance on qualitative data has traditionally been the hallmark of academic inquiry in social sciences. In recent years, the widespread usage of qualitative data has been accompanied by significant efforts towards professionalization of data work.  To empower participants to effectively use qualitative data from interview or focus group transcripts, documents, media and social media data, observation notes, and other data sources, this course takes a holistic and pragmatic approach.

The course introduces key concepts, strategies, and techniques for qualitative data analysis by grouping them as solutions to four sets of challenges which, if not properly addressed, can threaten confidence in qualitative research. These sets of issues are: first, decontextualized collection and analysis of data; second, data overload vs. overly tight or sketchy application of one’s own conceptual lenses; third, doubts about the quality of conclusions; and fourth, opaque documenting and reporting. By combining interactive lectures and class assignments with small group work and exercises on sample data in NVivo, the course treats each of these four issues and offers solutions that can be effectively employed in dealing with them.

With such a problem-solution approach, participants are not only introduced to key concepts and elements of qualitative data analysis but are also empowered to engage in reflective design and implementation of their own data work.

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19 June 2023 - 23 June 2023
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Regular: €995
Students & PhD's: €645

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Early Bird Students & PhD's: €580,50 (application deadline* April 1st)

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May 1st

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Course leader Anka Kekez
Level of participant
  • Master
  • PhD
  • PostDoc
  • Professional; QDA Teacher or Supervisor, Non-profit professional, Communication expert.
Admission requirements Familiarity with basic elements of qualitative research design is expected. The course involves exercises with sample data (provided by the instructor) with the NVivo software. While these exercises will foster the use of NVivo basic functionalities, there is no need for prior familiarisation with NVivo nor for purchasing the software as we will be able to use a 14-day free trial version. Also, participants already using other QDAS (such are ATLAS.ti and MAXQDA) will also be able to follow and perform exercises with their own software package.
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Mode of Study On Campus
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Location Radboud University