Samuel Bennett

​​Samuel Bennett is a critical discourse analyst working on cross-discipline linguistic research. He is an Assistant Professor at Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań. His research centres around discursive constructions of migrant integration, (non)belonging and exclusion, populist politics, and online communication, with a focus on the UK.

​​He has recently started researching the connection between discursive constructions of colonialism and current debates about belonging and national values and is currently writing a book (OUP) entitled: Myths & Sanctioned Ignorance in British migration discourse: Towards a linguistic sociology of absences.

​​He is the author of Constructions of Migrant Integration in British Public Discourse (Bloomsbury 2018), along with several articles in highly respected journals (Critical Discourse Studies, Journal of Language & Politics, Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies) and chapters in edited volumes.

​​Away from academia, he has been involved in immigration, community building, and empowerment charities for over twenty years in four countries, and is currently the mentoring coordinator at Migrant Info Point, an immigration charity in Poland.​