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Drs. Marieke de Wijse – Van Heeswijk

Drs. Marieke de Wijse – Van Heeswijk is a PhD researcher at Nijmegen school of Management (Radboud University, the Netherlands). Marieke studies the effects of interventions in and around game simulations on learning/change with participants.

Marieke is a member of the ISAGA board (International Game and Simulation Organization with scientific roots), associate editor for the game and simulation journal,  member of Saganet (Dutch game and simulation organization) and NASAGA (North American Game and Simulation Organization, more practice oriented).

In the past Marieke was a business consultant developing policy games for organizational change purposes, she has worked in al thinkable sectors within the Netherlands and in an international context. Marieke is a known expert in the field of facilitation of games for optimizing learning.

Marieke de Wijse