RSS02.D3 Survey and Questionnaire Design - Confirmed

Surveys are among the most popular methods of data collection as they are supposedly straightforward to run. However, in practice, designing survey collecting good quality data is a lot more complex. This course provides in-depth guidelines to survey research design and implementation of surveys from the initial planning phase to the data analysis as a final step. The course guides the students through every step of survey methodology, and thus, let students have the opportunity to have a whole picture about these kinds of research.

In the course:
  • On the first day, we position survey research in the space of social research methodology and get a general picture about the lifecycle of a survey research. We will also detail the different modes of data collection.
  • On the second day, the focus will be on the sampling methodologies and students start working on the creation of a questionnaire.
  • On the third day, we will we cover measurements of survey constructs; discuss how to write survey questions and what to be careful about when creating a complete questionnaire. Techniques will be shown how to make sure that the questions measure what they are intended to measure; talk about the design effect on responses, and the causes of nonresponse.
  • On day four, the database storing the answers of the respondents will be in center of the classes: its structure, the data cleaning and weighting procedures, and also the framework, within which one can decide about the way of the data analysis. (It is important to mention, that no detailed data analysis techniques will be showed in this course, as there are other courses dedicated to the analysis part.)
  • On the final day, students will have a coherent and comprehensive concept, the harmonization of each research step, from the hypothesis, through questionnaire design, to data analysis. We will also talk about the future of survey research, about the emerging and competing techniques and its position within the forming new paradigm. The daily assignments of the course can be applied on the students' own topic of interest, or on general topics provided by the instructor.

Classes will be led by the instructor with detailed presentations, but interactivity will be encouraged and space for group-work will also be provided.


26 June 2023 - 30 June 2023
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May 15th

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Course leader Julia Koltai
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