Niels Spierings​

​​Niels Spierings is Associate Professor in Sociology at Radboud University (Nijmegen, The Netherlands). His research interest span a wide range of issues regarding inclusion and exclusion. This includes topics lie political social media usage, migrant and ethnic-minority inclusion in politics, attitudes towards gender and LGBTIQ+ equality, the socio-political impact of Islamic religiosity, women’s labour market participation, socio-political radicalism, and gender and sexuality in populist radical right politics.

​To advance the literatures on these topics he likes to connect fields, literatures and methods. Being a broadly trained scholar in terms of methods himself, he has published many quantitative regression-based and multilevel studies as well as studies using QCA, case studies, content analysis, QCA, in-depth life course interviews, expert interviews, and mixed-methods designs. Moreover, he publishes on methods, particularly on connecting gender, feminist and intersectional approaches to statistical research. On this topic he is regularly invited as guest speaker and from writing an chapter on quantitative methods in intersectional studies for the Routledge Handbook of Intersectional Studies, this course has sprouted.

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