​Fabienne Lind​

Fabienne Lind is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Communication at the University of Vienna. Her main research interests are the advancement of the content analysis methodology, comparative research, European media discourses about migration, and knowledge gap research. Her most significant contribution to the field of computational social science has been the advancement of multilingual automated text analysis methods and their adoption for goals of comparative communication research. This work is part of her dissertation and published in the leading methods journals of communication science. Right now, she works on projects (H2020 Project OPTED, and COST Action OPINION) that concern the accessibility and dissemination of multilingual text analysis methods and text analysis for political communication science more generally.

​Fabienne Lind has experience with teaching courses on research methods and in particular on text as data methods at undergraduate, master's, and PhD levels. She has given numerous invited workshops on multilingual text analysis at leading universities throughout Europe.

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