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Dr. Silvia Albert

Dr. Silvia Albert is an experienced researcher with about 20 years of experience on stem cells, reprogramming and differentiation. She moved to Nijmegen in 2014 as postdoc, where she started working in the stem cell facility as daily coordinator. In 2017 she became the operational manager of the same facility, that in 2015 became officially the Radboudumc Stem Cell Technology Center.

To date she leads a group of excellent technicians that run both reprogramming and differentiation laboratories and collaborate with many researcher groups world-wide to develop disease and therapy models based on the differentiation of iPS cells. Dr. Albert and her team are currently focussing on implementing novel and state-of-the-art techniques, such as Crispr/Cas and bio-printing.

Dr. Silvia Albert

Manager of the Radboudumc Stem Cell Technology Center

Human Genetics

Radboud UMC