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Presenting in English is part of your job. You do it regularly and with relative ease, but you still run into a number of issues:
- Your preparation could be more efficient;
- While presenting, you want to be able to focus on your audience rather than your story;
- You want your presentation to excite, captivate and stick;
- You want impress people with your presentation;
- You want to improve your fluency and pronunciation;
- You’ve always wanted to use various presentation formats, but usually end up with a traditional PowerPoint talk;
- You want more interaction, especially when presenting online;
- You think your presentation style could be more convincing by being a little more daring and personal.

This training will take your presentation skills to the next level. You will work on your story and your performance. You will work on your intonation, pronunciation and learn more about the rules of English ‘sound grammar’. You will become more aware of the muscles in your mouth and work on breathing techniques and concentration.

It will make preparing for and giving a presentation easier and more fun!


06, 10 & 13 July 2023
Course Fee

Regular: €975

Early Bird: €877,50 (application deadline* April 1st)

Scholarships None
Application deadline

May 1st

*Your application is only completed when the course fee has been paid

Course leader
Level of participant
  • PhD
  • Post-doc
  • Professional: Policy maker, civil servant, health care
Admission requirements B2 level or higher
Admission documents None
Mode of Study On Campus
Location Radboud University