Dr. Jasper Krommendijk

Dr. Jasper Krommendijk (1985) is an Associate Professor of international and European Law and Director of the Research Centre for State and Law (SteR). He also the co-director of the SteR research programme ‘Interaction between international and national law’.

Dr. Krommendijk's research is focused on the impact of international and European law at the domestic level and the effectiveness of international courts and legal procedures in practice. He also studies national public law in the light of EU law. His motivation is truly understanding and offering explanations on the law with a specific interest in fundamental rights, the rule of law and effective judicial protection.

Most of his research has been empirical and interdisciplinary in nature, grounded in both law as well as International Relations. Dr. Krommendijk worked on a project (2017-21) called ‘It takes two to tango. The preliminary reference dance between the Court of Justice of the European Union and national courts’ funded with a prestigious VENI-grant by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).

Before this project, Krommendijk completed his PhD on the effectiveness of international courts and committees and their judgments/recommendations, including the UN human rights committees as well as some Council of Europe bodies. This empirical research was interdisciplinary in nature since it was grounded in both law as well as International Relations and consisted of qualitative case studies and involved social science research methods.

Prior to starting his PhD research, he worked at the Ministry of Justice in the field of EU criminal law, rule of law and mutual trust. Krommendijk’s research has been published in renowned international peer reviewed journals such as the CMLRev, EUConst, ELR, MJ. His work is widely acknowledged by a wide and diverse audience, as is also evidenced by references to his work in the opinions of AGs of the CJEU and leading EU law text books.

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