Summer School in Social Research Methods (3SRM)

A Methods Excellence Network (MethodsNET) Event, hosted by Nijmegen School of Management, Radboud University, the Netherlands

The academic concept and programme of the 3SRM is designed, coordinated ‘on the ground’ and evaluated by MethodsNET. The event is run in partnership with Radboud University, via the Nijmegen School of Management which hosts the event in corporation with the Radboud Summer School and Radboud Academy. Read more about MethodsNET and Nijmegen School of Management here.

World-class methods courses -- and so much more

Welcome to the second edition of the Summer School in Social Research Methods (3SRM), the most pluralistic methods training event worldwide, with no fewer than 40 main courses (36 one-week courses and 2 two-week courses, + 2 pre-event online software courses) across the whole span of methodological traditions and also covering innovative/emerging topics.

If you want to bring your research to the next level, the 3SRM is the place to be. It is a unique venue: besides world-class methods courses taught by top pedagogues, with small-group interaction and individual tutoring, you get more:

  • About your main courses:
    • Tailored advice on choosing courses and a sequence across week 1 and week 2 – the programme has been designed to enable multiple useful sequences
    • Pluralism, via the full diversity of methods covered
  • Beyond your main courses: on a weekly basis, your main course fee in fact gives you access to a ‘full package’ which comprises:
    • Two morning cross-cutting short courses on the Philosophy of Science (week 1) and on Research Approaches and Designs in the Social Sciences (week 2). Both are optional but encouraged to broaden your methodological expertise!`
    • On both weeks: three late afternoon Supplemental short courses: Math Refresher (both weeks), Missing Data (week 1) and Data Visualization (week 2)
    • …and lunches are also comprised, in addition to the necessary amount of caffeine and theine over breaks :-)
  • Ample time for linking up and crossing perspectives. The 3SRM spirit is all about community-building, sharing, and networking. In particular: we have provisioned:
    • Ample breaks in between the course sessions
    • A great ‘Methods Café’ (both Mondays, week 1 and week 2) – designed to cross perspectives, link up and get informal feedback from expert instructors

So: for a given week, in terms of academic content, your registration fee gives you access to a given main course (20 hours) + up to 8 hours of extra short courses + the Methods Café.

See this bird’s eye view (pdf, 182 kB) of the main courses over the successive weeks, the event flyer and a video on our MethodsNET YouTube channel explaining in short the whole logic of the 3SRM programme, training package and pedagogy. Finally, here you can find an overview of the summer school programme, per week.

Find all courses in Social Research Methods here