About MethodsNET & Nijmegen School of Management

A Methods Excellence Network (MethodsNET) Event, hosted by Nijmegen School of Management, Radboud University, the Netherlands

The academic concept and programme of the 3SRM is designed, coordinated ‘on the ground’ and evaluated by MethodsNET. The event is run in partnership with Radboud University, via the Nijmegen School of Management which hosts the event in corporation with the Radboud Summer School and Radboud Academy.


MethodsNET is a global professional network of methods experts in the social sciences. It is dedicated to promoting accessible world-class methods training, methodological pluralism and innovation. We also aim to promote cross-disciplinary fertilization, career development and lifelong learning. We follow a not-for-profit logic in our operations and in the events we (co-) organize or endorse – and the 3SRM is our flagship event. For more information, click here.

Nijmegen School of Management

NSM carries out state-of-the-art research into how organizations and governments manage and govern complex problems in their strive for more sustainable societies. The unique combination of disciplines we house – Public Administration, Political Science,  Business Administration, Economics, Environmental Governance, Spatial Planning and Human Geography – allows for a truly distinctive interdisciplinary approach to such grand challenges. Moreover, we offer cutting-edge methodological research and teaching, at the interface of intervention methods, action research and ‘deep’ empirical research methodology, based on involvement with stakeholders and embedding within the field.

For an impression of the NSM facilities, click here.