RSS02.C8 Applied evaluation research design and methods

In an ever more complex world, evaluation plays a crucial role in making better informed decisions (e.g. public policy decisions, decisions when running a programme or project for an NGO or a firm, etc.). However, in order to be useful, evaluations need to be tailor-made to suit the needs of evaluation commissioners.

The aim of this five-day course is to enable participants to decide which evaluation approach, research strategy and corresponding methods are appropriate given the scope of an evaluation. Vice versa, participants will learn how to modify scope to fit a feasible evaluation design. The first two days of the course will focus on how to conduct a systematic selection process to ensure a best fit between evaluation needs and specific research methods. Days 3 to 5 will focus on demonstrating, using actual evaluations, what the output of such an evaluation typically looks like. Focus is on making clear philosophical underpinnings and what such evaluations can and cannot tell you. There will not be a detailed focus on executing the methodology as other specialized courses provide this.

A Terms of Reference for an actual evaluation will be used to enable participants to think through and test coherence between evaluation scope, approach and strategy / methods. The actual evaluation examples will be mainly public policy evaluations, but the approaches, strategies and methods discussed are also applicable to other evaluation settings (firms, not-for profit organizations etc.).

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26 June 2023 - 30 June 2023
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May 1st

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Course leader Benedict Wauters
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Admission requirements ​​The course is designed for participants who have basic knowledge of research design (via other courses in research methods).
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Location Radboud University