Your typical day: a full experience

Here is a typical day at the 3SRM. Discover how it provides you with a unique learning, brainstorming, socializing and networking experience:

  • You arrive early in the cozy patio and informally socialize – and fully wake up with whatever amount of caffeine/theine you may need
  • In the first part of the morning (8:30-9:30), you follow a cutting-edge cross-cutting short course to broaden your methods expertise and reflect beyond your more targeted main course
  • Back to the patio & further informal time (9:30-10:00), crossing participants from very diverse horizons
  • Join your fellow course participants, your expert instructor, and his/her teaching assistant(s) if applicable, for a 2-hour interactive main course session (10:00-12:00)
  • Enjoy the ample lunch break (12:00-13:30) to socialize further
  • Join again your fellow course participants for a 2-hour interactive main course session (13:30-15:30)
  • Back to the patio for a further break and more informal time (15:30-16:00)
  • Join one of the short Supplemental courses (16:00-17:00) to further sharpen or refresh your skills; some of these skills may be of direct use for the main course you are following on that week, or on the next week if applicable
  • …and then you work on whatever necessary tasks related to your main course (e.g. assignments, prep work, self-study, group work, …), before you join the 3SRM community for a lively social event in the evening.

Bottom line: this unique training programme has been designed so that, beyond your main course sessions, you have plenty of breathing time and occasions to socialize and informally ‘discuss methods stuff’ and your research challenges with other participants from diverse horizons – and indeed also with methods experts (instructors and teaching assistants) from other courses. What’s also unique about the 3SRM is the ‘critical mass’ and diversity of methods expertise gathered there!