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Inspiring research is the mother of good teaching, both in secondary school and in teacher training. That is why we have a long-standing tradition in (subject specific) educational research.

Research Program

The Radboud Teachers Academy provides a teacher training program founded by the latest insights from (subject specific) educational research. In part this includes its own research, in which the academy maintains a long-standing tradition. Traditionally, our researchers work from two closely related perspectives: the secondary school students’ development of critical and creative thinking and acting, and the (beginning) teachers’ professional learning and development, especially within various school ecologies.

The research program of the Radboud Teachers Academy is entitled Innovative teaching and learning. This title encapsulates two important characteristics: it is about both teaching and learning, and research is aimed at innovative teaching and learning. Why innovative? First because it goes without saying that trainee teachers and starting teachers are in the process of assimilating all kinds of novel ways of learning and teaching and second, research is also often geared to developing novel solutions: new and original learning processes, learning outcomes, and the interactions between them. Moreover, creativity is closely related to innovation. Not every innovation is creative, but a creative solution is usually an innovative solution.

About us

The Radboud Teachers Academy is a university-based institute that educates academic prospective and in-service teachers for the senior grades of Dutch secondary education. The senior grades of secondary education prepare pupils for studies in higher vocational and academic education. At the core of the secondary curriculum is an increasing emphasis on the development of pupils’ higher order thinking skills, creativity, scientific attitude, research and problem solving skills; within and across disciplines. The Academy takes a corresponding broad and yet ambitious view on teaching and learning, in which both students and teachers develop and use their full potential with respect to these learning goals and develop their talents accordingly.