Research Program

The Radboud Teachers Academy provides a teacher training program founded by the latest insights from (subject specific) educational research. In part this includes its own research, in which the academy maintains a long-standing tradition. Traditionally, our researchers work from two closely related perspectives: the secondary school students’ development of critical and creative thinking and acting, and the (beginning) teachers’ professional learning and development, especially within various school ecologies.

The research program of the Radboud Teachers Academy is entitled Innovative teaching and learning. This title encapsulates two important characteristics: it is about both teaching and learning, and research is aimed at innovative teaching and learning. Why innovative? First because it goes without saying that trainee teachers and starting teachers are in the process of assimilating all kinds of novel ways of learning and teaching and second, research is also often geared to developing novel solutions: new and original learning processes, learning outcomes, and the interactions between them. Moreover, creativity is closely related to innovation. Not every innovation is creative, but a creative solution is usually an innovative solution.

The Radboud Teachers Academy researchers do not operate by themselves in their research. On the contrary, they often depend on partners in higher and secondary education. Research is focused on this particular context, since this is where new insights are called for. Schools and teachers often carry out their own research, and we aim to connect to this. Moreover, especially the subject specific educational research is strongly related to new insights within the scientific domains, which are produced by researchers from the university faculties. We strive for a close connection and collaboration with them as well. Besides the principle of teaching together, the Radboud Teachers Academy also honours the principle of researching together.

The research plan 2022-2028 of the Radboud Teachers Academy can be downloaded here (pdf, 501 kB).