Archiving for scientific integrity

One of the reasons to archive the data of your research project is scientific integrity. Archiving data for the long term is part of Radboud University's RDM policy. The following information deals with archiving for the long term (minimally ten years), at publication or after completion of a research project.

Of course, during research, your data should be stored carefully as well. For more information on storing data during research, you may check the following webpage.

What to store

On the following webpage you find information on what data and documentation you should store at a minimum for the long term from the perspective of scientific integrity.

Where to store

Since data stored for reasons of scientific integrity includes raw data and these raw data could contain personal data or sensitive (containing confidential of competition sensitive) data, it may only be stored on Radboud University infrastructure.

Researchers from research institutes that take part in the Radboud Data Repository (RDR) or the Donders Repository (DR) are advised to store their data in a closed collection in the RDR or DR respectively. Others are, for the time being, advised to use a work group folder. Check if you need to grant reading rights to your institute's data steward, thus making sure that you data is managed for the long term, even when you leave Radboud University.