Funder and journal requirements

Funder requirements

A growing number of funders have set conditions for the proper management of data. Depending on the funder, information on data management in a research project should be provided:

In either case, it is smart to include in a grant proposal (at least initial) information on the required aspects of data management and to answer any questions on data management posed by the funder.

To help you to make sure you are in compliance, we list the requirements of the most important funders, namely Horizon 2020, ERC, FP7, NWO, KNAW, ZonMw, NIH and NSF.

Most funders have set conditions for writing a data management paragraph or plan. Please make sure to use the format of your funder. Since not all funders provide information to sufficiently answer the questions, we advise you to have a look at the additional information in the Radboud University format for a data management plan.

Journal requirements

The websites of a growing number of publishers provide guidelines on research data management. Some publishers encourage researchers to provide their data, but it may also be mandatory in order to publish the article.